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Learner Admission’s Policy

All children are welcome to attend PEPPS Motheong Pre, Primary and Secondary School irrespective of race, religion or language.

Learners admitted into the Pre-Primary

Grade 000 – The child is 3 turning 4.
Grade 00 – The child is 4 turning 5
Grade R – The child is 5 turning 6

Parents admitting a child younger than 3 years of age are informed that the learner may remain in the Pre-School for four years so that the age of entry into Grade 1 is correct.

Learners admitted into Grade 1

The learner must be 6 years old, turning 7 years in the same year. Proof of school readiness must be provided before admission. Limited space is available in Grade 1 as our Grade R learners fromnPEPPS Motheong receives preference.

Learners applying to enter any other Grade

These Learners will write a “Placement Test” at the school to ascertain the Learners standards with regards to Language proficiency and Maths. This is to simply give the school some idea of the standard at which they are at, so as to make a recommendation to the Parent. This might be to suggest the child repeats the Grade applied for, or to provide a “home programme” to help assist the child to reach an acceptable standard.

Class Sizes and Waiting Lists

Classes will be considered full when there are:
22 Learners in any Pre-School class
25 learners in Grade 1 and
28 learners in Grade 2-10. 

Thereafter a waiting list will be formed. The order of the waiting list will be determined by the date of the completed and returned application form. However, the school has the right to give preference to learner’s siblings.

Requirements needed upon applying

1. Previous school report
2. School readiness in respect of a Grade 1 learner
3. Transfer and Financial Clearance letter from previous school
4. Birth certificate
5. Learner’s Profile will be requested
6. Phone call to previous school for reference
7. Registration fee is payable upon acceptance

Registration Process

Step 1: Contact the school to book a placement test

  1. If there is a space available in a grade, the APPLICATION document can be completed and a time for the placement test confirmed.
  2. Your child’s latest report card and birth certificate should be available when taking the placement test
  3. Write the test and wait for confirmation of placement before proceeding with the registration

Step 2: Confirmation of placement

The Admin Staff will contact you to confirm placement.

Prepare all the needed documentation before you submit your REGISTRATION form.  You’re final REGISTRATION can only be processed when all documentation is available.

  1. ID copies of both parents/guardians and ID photo of applicant
  2. Testimonial from your present school.
  3. Salary advice/Bank statements of person responsible for account.
  4. Proof of address.

Read through the Parent Manual and familiarise yourself with our policies and procedures, available on the website and d6, in order to sign the PARENT CONTRACT

Step 3: Payment of registration fee

You have to pay your registration fee with an EFT or direct bank deposit to:

Account holder:        Motheong Primary School
Bank Details:             ABSA Bank
Account number:     4052187858
Code:                          630445 Centurion
Reference:                Child’s name, surname and Grade.

Attach proof of payment to application form. After payment of your registration fee, you will receive your Family Code and correspondence which will be your only access to the school in the new academic year.

This last step in the registration process can only be finalised upon completion of the above process.

Step 4: Prepare for the new school year

  1. Order/Buy your PEPPS Motheong Uniform from the Uniform Store at school.
  2. Download the d6 Communicator APP to receive communication regarding the Parents’ meeting and starting date. There will be an orientation process to introduce you to the new school, ethos, disciplinary system and other activities that will be available at the beginning of the school year.

Welcome to your child’s future success

Registration Resources

Gr. 1 to 12
Application Booklet
Assessment Form
Parent Contract
And Undertaking

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