We offer the following sports within season for Gr 4 to 10

Cross Country
Hockey Development

Offered by outside coach.


Offered by outside coach.

Aerobic Gymnastics

Offered by outside coach.

Pre-School & Foundation Phase

As from Grade R our learners participate in specialist sport development. This prepares learners to become balanced children who will represent their school with confidence. Learners in our Pre-School and Grade 1 to 3 participate in mini-soccer and mini-netball.

Chess is part of our curriculum in the Foundation Phase and all learners participate in a chess lesson per week if allowed by Covid Protocols.

  • Sport is compulsory.  Participation in at least one Extra-mural activity is encouraged.
  • If a Parent requests a Learner to be exempted from sport, the Parents must submit a request for exemption and if for medical reasons, a doctor’s letter must accompany the request.
  • Learners are to wear proper sports uniform during sport times and the correct extra-mural activity clothes.
  • Learners MUST provide the sport coach with a Parental letter, if they are to be excused from a sporting activity.  No Learner will be excused from sport without a parental note.  This also applies to the extra-mural activities. No drivers may fetch learners early from an extra-mural activity.

Sport: Athletics, Soccer, Softball, Netball, Cross Country, Chess and Hockey Development

Culture: Art Club, Baking Club, Ballet, Choir, Drama, Poetry, Public Speaking, Traditional Dance, Science Club and Cup Stacking

Other Activities offered at school but not included in the school fees: Aerobics Gymnastics, Karate, Maths Buddy, Sewing

WE EXPECT A 100% COMMITMENT AND ATTENDANCE FROM LEARNERS when they choose to sign up for an activity. 


Involvement in activities making up the School Enrichment Programme forms a valuable and integral part of the holistic education of every learner. All learners are therefore expected to become actively involved in at least one sport or cultural and/or service activity.

Learners’ appearance and conduct, both on and off the field or stage, should be of the highest standard and all learners are expected to: 

  • Adopt the correct etiquette pertaining to the specific activity at all times.
  • Once a learner has committed him/herself to an activity, s/he will be bound by the rules and obligations related to that activity.
  • Involvement in a particular activity will span the entire season/duration in which that activity takes place.
  • Attendance of all practices is compulsory. Missing a practice without a valid excuse from the learner’s parents may result in the learner being suspended from participation in one (1) inter-school league fixture.
  • Show loyalty to their team, captain, coach and School 
  • Wear full prescribed sports outfit and track suit or full school uniform, when travelling to any match or meet.
  • Wear the correct uniform and see that it is clean and neat
  • Be punctual for all practices and matches 
  • Remember to abide by the referee’s decision without complaint or argument 
  • Avoid inappropriate behaviour such as swearing, fighting, arguing or other dramatics 
  • Play with a will to win but play fairly. 
  • Not bring the school’s name into disregard by behaviour from parents and learners

Leaners who do not return sports/cultural gear borrowed from the school on time will face disciplinary action and the gear will be replaced at learners’ expense. Outstanding amounts will be charged to learners’ accounts. 

Learners who do not arrive at a match/performance or event where they have to represent the school will be seriously dealt with.  It may result in them losing their position in the team/group or to be banned from that sport/activity for the whole season.  True commitment to your team is essential.  Supporters must be dressed in full school uniform and also behave like learners who know what a spirit of sportsmanship means.

“Talent wins’ games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
- Michael Jordan

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