Uniform & Grooming

Uniform & Grooming Guidelines

Proper School uniform, as prescribed, must be worn.  Learners represent the school whenever and wherever they appear in School uniform.  They should behave themselves in a manner that will do the School proud.  It must be noted that no part of the School uniform may be worn without the rest.  Learners always wear full school uniform, full sports kit or private clothes without uniform items. 

  • Correct school and sport uniform must be strictly adhered to, clean and neat, and clearly marked.
  • Navy blue sport bags are highly recommended for changing when doing afternoon activities.  (Uniforms will not get lost!).
  • Learners must leave the school at the end of the day in full uniform except on sport days.
  • Learners must wear FULL school uniform at school and when travelling to and from school.  Learners may never only wear parts of their uniforms. Shirts must always be tucked in.
  • When travelling to sports venues learners will wear either sports uniform, summer uniform or full School tracksuit; NO multi-colour hats or other tracksuit tops or pants. No sandals or ‘slops’.
  • Only the official School hat may be worn with School uniform – no other hats. 
  • Only black school shoes and black belts with plain buckles may be worn.  NO expensive fancy shoes or ornamental buckles please. Socks must be worn with shoes.
  • During events that allow the wearing of casual wear, learners should wear neat, presentable clothes in line with the school’s value system. Beachwear, tight-fitting clothes, clothes that are see-through and/or too revealing, any underwear showing are all regarded as inappropriate and are not allowed. Hair, shoes and accessories should be neat at all times.
  • No additions to the uniform that are not in accordance with the regulations will be allowed.
  • Missing buttons must be replaced with the correct colour button. 
  • No jewellery, pearl earrings or earrings with semi-precious or precious stones are allowed.  For girls only one set of plain small round earrings are allowed in the earlobe – no ear-rings in upper ear.
  • No necklaces allowed except the red and white necklace to symbolise the loss of a parent. 
  • No facial piercings/ tongue rings/belly rings. No plaster covering over unauthorized piercings in the upper ear or anywhere else on the face.
  • No rubber/leather/plastic bands around wrists/ankles or neck. 
  • No tattoos may be visible at school or when presenting the school.
  • NO coloured contact lenses or lenses with patterns are allowed
  • All hairstyles must be well kept, clean, school appropriate and well groomed. 
  • No patterns in hair or eyebrows. 
  • No colour treatment/bleach of hair, hair accessories or pattern cut outs are allowed in hair or eyebrows. 
  • All braids or natural dreadlocks must be tied back neatly off the shoulders. No hair may hang loose over the collar or in the face.  
  • Beards and moustaches are not permitted. 
  • Fades should be discrete.
  • No wigs.
  • Extensions are allowed under the following conditions: Strictly black or dark brown colour to be worn.  No other colour inserts. Maximum 40cm from the scalp. Thick braids are not allowed. 
  • Only navy blue or black hair accessories may be used e.g. Hair bands/ribbons and hair clips.
  • All hair must be tied back with elastic or some firm hair band and not with some hair. 
  • Plaits should be tied back in a pony and not hang loose on the shoulders or the back.  Once it touches the collar it should be tied back. 
  • Braids may be tied into a small bun. The bun should not be bigger than the head. 
  • Short Bob hairstyle is allowed as long as it doesn’t hang on the collar or in the eyes.
  • Dry curl style must be worn with a hair band (navy blue or black) 
  • No make-up. 
  • No glitter and/or coloured lip gloss or lipstick. 
  • No nail polish. Fingernails must be kept trimmed short and clean at all times.
  • Proper school bags with compartments MUST be used.

School uniform is available at reception

Grey flannel pants (long for Winter months) Grey Shorts (knee length for Summer months) and white school shirt for Grade 8 learners, can be bought from any chain store

All other School Uniform must be ordered and purchased from the School Office.

In the first term learners are allowed to attend school dressed in their navy sport shorts with the turquoise or house-school t-shirt

Summer Uniform

Girls (Grade 1-9)
  • Golf T-Shirt with Skirt (Grade 1 to 7)
  • White school shirt (ONLY Secondary School)
  • Black School Shoes and White Socks
  • Navy School Jersey for cool days
  • .

Summer Uniform

Boys (Grade 1-9)
  • Grey Shorts (knee length) with Golf T-Shirt (Grade 1 to 7)
  • White school shirt with Grey pants/shorts (ONLY Secondary School)
  • Black Shoes and grey socks
  • Navy School Jersey for cool days
  • .

Winter Uniform

Girls (Grade 4-9)
  • School skirt or grey flannel long pants
  • Navy Woollen Stockings or long grey Socks and Black Shoes
  • Golf T-Shirt
  • Navy Jersey and or fleece jacket
  • .

Winter Uniform

Boys (Grade 4-9)
  • Grey flannel pants with Golf T-Shirt and School Jersey,
  • Black Shoes and grey Socks
  • Navy Jersey and or Fleece Jacket
  • School blazer for Secondary School learners
  • .

Grade 1 to 3 Foundation Phase Winter: Boys and Girls

Tracksuits with CLEAN mainly white sport takkies and white socks 

The School’s Golf T-Shirt must be worn underneath the Tracksuit Top, as there are some warm winter days. No long sleeve vest to be worn under short sleeve shirt. 

Sport Uniform: Boys and Girls 

All Learners MUST have the school sports shorts and one Turquoise Blue T-Shirt and one House T-Shirt (depending on whether he/she is in the Yellow or Green House)

Athletics, Netball, Softball and Soccer kit are available from the School Office and must be worn for all matches.

Compulsory: The sun is a force to be reckoned with and skin cancer is a reality. In the best interest of our learners’ health we expect all learners to wear the prescribed sun hat when working outside or during break times. The hat is available at reception.


Every sportsman and woman is responsible to have their own sports attire and track suit. The following will be considered the only official attire for all sports at Motheong. As far as possible a sport kit per team will be available for matches.  

Please take note that only sport shoes that are suitable for the specific sport may be worn.  No sneakers are allowed and no colourful laces.  Sport uniform does not include jerseys, pull-overs and scarves.

  • Practices at school :  Sport shorts and sport shirt. 
  • Netball :  Sport shirt and skirt.
  • Soccer :  School Soccer uniform available. Each child should have his own shin pads. 
  • Athletics – Boys & Girls :  Sport shirt with athletics shorts.  
  • Softball :  Specific outfit available at school 

All athletes must wear the school track suit at all times when the school is represented in sports. The track suit must be worn with the school golf shirt or sleeveless sport shirt designed for this purpose.  No other coloured T-shirt may be worn with the athletics outfit or track suit.


Any performing Arts group (Choir, Marimba, Gumboots, Dancers, Drama): 

As communicated at the beginning of the year, all members should be dressed in full school or Art discipline uniform before they climb into the bus.  Same rules as for school apply in all situations.  No extra jewellery may be worn, unless it was decided and communicated in writing to the group. 


It is learners’ responsibility to buy their uniform.  The uniform can be sold to new members the following year should it be in a good condition. 


Black jazz pants and black T-shirt. 


The dance gear is available at Turning Point ballet shop in the Kolonnade, Tel. (012) 548 5968, or at Ballet Barre in Groenkloof.  

Ballet Uniform

  • Navy blue leotard
  • Navy blue skirt
  • Pink socks (summer)
  • Pink ballet pumps (ballet shoes)
  • Pink socks (summer)
  • .

Ballet Uniform

  • White T-shirt/White leotard
  • Navy blue ski-pants
  • White socks
  • White ballet pumps
  • .
  • .

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