Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Motheong empowers through:

  • practicing Christian principles
  • a dedicated and qualified team of teachers
  • providing a stimulating and nurturing learning environment
  • encouraging respect for the individual

Motheong’s values include:

  • a positive worldview that all life is of value
  • participatory leadership
  • the recognition of the individual and their diverse abilities
  • the nurturing and development of social responsibility with integrity and empathy in the spirit of Ubuntu and Masakhane
  • Emphasis on the four core values of respect, caring, honesty and responsibility

Motheong’s life challenges encompass:                                

  • the striving to reach our individual potential for the now and the future
  • the valuing of the diversity of all cultures in the community.
  • Motheong’s Badge


To provide children with the foundation to be all God wants them to be

PEPPS Motheong's Badge

Bricks: The foundation.

Cross: Christian Based Values.

Children: Our responsibility.

Doves: A symbol of the Peace we strive for.

African Continent: “The Peace”  beginning with Motheong and spreading into Africa

Motheong’s Motto: “Foundation is Strength”

Motheong’s Slogan: “Every child is a winner”

Wildly Important Goal For 2024

Passionately facilitate learning to develop independent learners
who can think critically and ask questions using a growth mindset.

The how:

    • Develop leadership structures in class
    • Use the Co-operative learning models
    • Teach better listening skills to aid co-operative learning
    • Give better and quicker feedback to learners using AFL’s
    • Prepare creative lessons
    • Identify learners in need early in the year and follow up tenacity 
    • Teach empathy for each other – Ubuntu in the classroom
    • Consciously apply a growth mindset in the classroom
    • Maintain discipline

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
-Albert Einstein

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