Learners can participate in the following cultural activities after school from Grade 4 to 10

Marimba Band
Traditional Dance
Art Classes
Public Speaking
Cooking And Baking
Social Events
Pre-School & Foundation Phase

The school offers music lessons on melodic percussion instruments as part of our Creative Art lessons from Pre-School to Grade 3

  • Sport is compulsory.  Participation in at least one Extra-mural activity is encouraged.
  • If a Parent requests a Learner to be exempted from sport, the Parents must submit a request for exemption and if for medical reasons, a doctor’s letter must accompany the request.
  • Learners are to wear proper sports uniform during sport times and the correct extra-mural activity clothes.
  • Learners MUST provide the sport coach with a Parental letter, if they are to be excused from a sporting activity.  No Learner will be excused from sport without a parental note.  This also applies to the extra-mural activities. No drivers may fetch learners early from an extra-mural activity.

Sport: Athletics, Soccer, Softball, Netball, Cross Country, Chess and Hockey Development

Culture: Art Club, Baking Club, Ballet, Choir, Drama, Poetry, Public Speaking, Traditional Dance, Science Club and Cup Stacking

Other Activities offered at school but not included in the school fees: Aerobics Gymnastics, Karate, Maths Buddy, Sewing

WE EXPECT A 100% COMMITMENT AND ATTENDANCE FROM LEARNERS when they choose to sign up for an activity. 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right"
- Henry Ford

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