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Motheong is an independent school in Atteridgeville, west of Pretoria. For over twenty-five years, it has provided students in Atteridgeville with an educational experience of the highest quality. Our learners are empowered through the practice of Christian principles, the employment of a dedicated and qualified team of teachers, the provision of a stimulating and nurturing learning environment, and the process of encouraging respect for others. We focus on the holistic development of the learner – intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical – to fulfill our vision as a school in the community.

Our Values

Motheong is a Christian school where the Word of God forms our foundation and point of departure in the decisions we take. Our school is well known for its excellent discipline and exemplary behaviour of our learners. The code of conduct is part of the identity of our school. Our core values are based on RESPECT, HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY and CARING. We focus on a specific theme every month based on Biblical principles. Learners are expected to demonstrate the values in their everyday life at school and home. The theme per month is supported by a MOTHEONG profile and mind set. We based our profile choices on the characteristic identified by researches as qualities that will provide our learners with GRIT and integrity to become who God created them to be.

  • A positive worldview that all life is of value Participatory leadership
  • The recognition of the individual and their diverse abilities
  • The nurturing and development of social responsibility with integrity and empathy in the spirit of Ubuntu and Masakhane
  • Emphasis on the four core values of respect, caring, honesty and responsibility
What makes the learning experience at PEPPS MOTHEONG different than in other schools?
  • The 5 basic neurological learning needs are used as the foundation of our pedagogy to ‘make it happen’ in the classroom.
  • Positive Discipline Principles to be restorative rather than punitive is applied successfully
  • Collaborative Learning and other 21st Century skills are used during learning episodes. We follow the NCS and CAPS curriculum but facilitate the learning to provide opportunities where learners can process and internalize the learning material.
  • Brain friendly learning and learner involvement is always our focus. We follow the best practice principles and international trends in educational transformation
  • We are the only registered ThinkWise School in South Africa
  • A Metacognitive study approach that has been trialed and tested is shared with learners and parents. We focus on the way the brain processes information naturally to support learning. Top performers in schools across the world follow these principles.
  • Smaller classes as we aim to not accept more than 28 learners per class.

Our disciplinary system is restorative rather than punitive. In the disciplinary process learners have the opportunity to reflect and change their behaviour. We have a zero tolerance towards bullying and disruptions in class. Learners who are challenged to abide within the Code of Conduct will be subject to the process as stipulated in the Discipline Policy. We set high standards and expect our learners to meet the criteria so they can be successful in the future that awaits them.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a priority as we focus on responsibility and each child’s mission in life. Learners can make a difference in our school environment no matter in which grade they are. Our philosophy supports the learner to find identity, meaning and purpose in life. Becoming a Mohlokomedi is an honour that is not taken lightly


As from Grade R our learners participate in specialist sport development. This prepares learners to become balanced children who will represent their school with confidence. We participate in athletics, mini-soccer, soccer, mini-netball, netball, chess, cross country and softball. Karate, Aerobic gymnastics and swimming are offered by outside coaches. Chess is part of our curriculum in the Foundation Phase and all learners participate in a chess lesson per week.


The school offers music as part of our Creative Art lessons. All learners from Grade R have the opportunity to participate in melodic percussion. Learners can participate in marimba band, choir, ballet, traditional dance, art classes, public speaking, cooking and baking, drama and social events.

Staff Development

PEPPS Motheong has continuous in-service evaluation and training to ensure the best possible learning oppor- tunities by qualified, knowledgeable and well-equipped teachers. We believe that staff should facilitate learning in an effective way to improve our learners’ results. We prepare our learners to flourish in the 21st century by fo- cusing on the latest Neurological research as part of our classroom practice. Teachers have a tailor-made Professional Development Programme with performance indicators against which teachers can measure their practices by reflecting, col- laborating and self-evaluating.

Parent Involvement

At Motheong we nurture the relationship between parents and teachers. We approach raising children as a team effort in a ‘united front’. Over and above the normal academic meetings per term, we engage in regular parent meetings per month where we support parents to guide their children in such a way that they will flourish as families. Our parents make an effort to support their children in the activities they participate in.


. We pride ourselves in our neat and well-kept gardens which creates a tranquil environment in which learning can be facilitated. We have well equipped classrooms that are fitted with the best technology to enhance the learning experience of our learners. Two computer labs are dedicated to support learners with computer based learning programs in Mathematics and Reading. These programs form part of the timetable and serve as interventions programs in the afternoons as well. Our sports field have netball courts and a soccer field with an athletics track. We have a fully equipped music room with marimbas, boomwackers and non-melodic percussion instruments

“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”
-Robert Schuller

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