Aftercare is a service provided to parents who do not have supervision available for their children after school. See please the information leaflet. Parent information is already captured on d6. This application is to have essential information available in hard copy in our Aftercare file in case of an emergency and as part of the contract between parents and Aftercare.

Aftercare Policy

1. Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to describe the offering of an independent aftercare at PEPPS Motheong by staff members.

2. Policy Statement

It is the policy of PEPPS Motheong to provide aftercare services at schools where the demand exists and the provision of the service is economically viable. PEPPS Motheong offers an aftercare facility where children feel happy and cherished. Good communication between parents/guardians and aftercare facilitators ensures that children are happy at PEPPS Motheong’s Aftercare. PEPPS Motheong’s aim is to create a relaxed and structured environment where children can work and play. PEPPS Motheong is dependent on parents’/guardians’ positive support to motivate their children to respect the authority of their caregivers. In this way other positive characteristics, such as honouring of norms and values, which contribute to the PEPPS Motheong ethos, will develop.

3. Objectives

The objectives at PEPPS Motheong Aftercare are to provide:

  • A safe homely environment where children can relax and thrive under the supervision of qualified and caring staff during
    the school week after school hours.
  • A system which ensures that children will attend extramural activities punctually and safely.
  • The Aftercare will not provide meals. Parents provide a sandwich or something to eat/drink for their child.
  • Exposure to voluntary stimulating activities.
  • Regular meetings to ensure healthy interaction with parents/guardians.
  • Facilities which allow for study, healthy free play and relaxation.
  • Help with homework during a particular time slot, although the final responsibility for checking and revision rests with the
  • Grouping according to age/phase as far as possible so that the approach to each individual is suited to his/her
    developmental phase.

4. Guiding Principles

  • Applications for aftercare should be submitted to the school using the relevant form.
  • The cost per month is R368, revised per year. Please see contract for more information.
  • Late placing will be allowed only if the aftercare has the required capacity.
  • Only learners enrolled at the school can attend aftercare.
  •  Parents should submit written notice if they wish to discontinue the Aftercare
  • Aftercare will normally only be offered during school terms and not on public holidays or weekends.
  • Learners should be fetched by 17:30. The school will charge additional fees where parents do not collect their
    children on time.
  • Clear rules and procedures exist for the collection of learners from aftercare.
  •  Supervision for children to do homework by caretakers.
  • Supervision on playgrounds
  • Use of the computer centre on certain days for English reading improvement programmes and/or CAMI maths.
  •  Parents must please inform the aftercare staff if their child participates in any extramural activities.

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