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Parent Forum According to PEPPS Trust MOI

Parents’ Forum

Each school shall have a Parents’ Forum consisting of representatives of the parents of pupils. The task of the Parents’ Forum will be to advise the Head and Senior Management on policy issues and incidents that may require the revision of the school policy; but not the professional management, financial or any educational matters.


11.1 Constitution

The Parents’ Forum shall consist of at least five (5), but no more than ten (10) persons who are parents of pupils and who are chosen annually from parents who show an interest in and a commitment to the school. The process for the election and period of office shall be determined by the Directorate Office.

11.1.1 Only parents of pupils will be eligible for election. Should a member of the Parents’ Forum cease to be a parent of a pupil, such person would automatically be disqualified from being a member of the Parents’ Forum.

11.1.2 To provide for occasional vacancies, the Parents’ Forum may appoint members to fill the vacancies.

11.1.3 Members should be nominated by the parents for election.

11.1.4 To prevent certain parents from remaining members of the Parents’ Forum for very long periods while they may have a succession of children attending a particular school, the longest serving members of the Parents’ Forum will, at the end of a term of service, automatically resign as members, but will be eligible for re-election.



The proposed structure of the Parents’ Forum shall include:

11.2.1 A Chairperson; and

11.2.2 a Deputy Chairperson.


11.3 Meetings

11.3.1 The Parents’ Forum shall meet quarterly with the Head of the school (and Senior Management, where appropriate). The secretarial services for meetings shall be provided by the school and the Parents’ Forum of each school shall determine its own meeting procedures, using the meeting procedures of the company in clause 7.3, above.

11.3.2 The Parents’ Forum shall, from their number, choose a representative to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Board and at the Annual General Meeting, witness the auditor’s approval of the financial statement of the company.


11.4 Role and Function of the Parents’ Forum

While the Parents’ Forum has no say in the educational and financial matters, or the professional management of the school, the Parents’ Forum shall play an active role in:

11.4.1 the involvement of the community in the promotion of the welfare of the school, its staff and pupils; and Page 29 of 32 © Corrie Nel & Kie.

11.4.2 have a vote for the election of directors of the company in terms of clause 7.1.


11.5 Authority

The Parents’ Forum will have no authority over the Head or staff of any school and will not have any say in educational, financial and disciplinary matters.

What can parents do to help us keep our shared children safe?
  • Discuss “stranger danger” with your child. Encourage them not to get into an unfamiliar vehicle or to travel with an unfamiliar driver.  If at any time they do not know the person fetching them, they must immediately alert a staff member during dismissal. We will inform a parent immediately and take the necessary steps to keep your child safe. There is still an alarming number of attempted abductions on an international level. The best protection we can provide our children in this case, is to make them aware of the danger, prepare them on how to react and let them practice it as to have a ‘default mode’ to refer to in case of an unexpected challenge.
  • Pedestrians leave the school form the Foundation Phase gate. Please urge your kids to walk home immediately. Encourage children not to hang around in the streets with friends as it has the potential danger of getting into unwanted situations. It can compromise their safety if there is a pattern of grouping in the streets each afternoon.
  • Abide by our arrival and dismissal procedures and inform the school in case of any change in the person collecting your child. Lydia will communicate these arrangements with the different phases.
  • Parents often choose to make use of an independent transport provider. Please ensure that the transport provider complies with the norms and standards of learner transport according to the National Transport Policy. Urge your provider to comply with COVID regulations as well. In case of a possible positive case your child will be protected is all people within the vehicle complied with protocols. We often have to reprimand providers to wear masks and follow protocols. PEPPS Motheong does not provide, promote, or endorse any transport provider. Parents or guardians choose a transport provider at their own risk. We however expect transport providers to provide us with a list of the learners they transport in order to gain access to the premises.
  • Be patient and respectful towards each other while collecting your child.
  • Carefully read and familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct in the back of the diary, available on d6 and website. Learn more about our policies on Trauma, Child Protection, Attendance and First Aid.

Parent Forum Members

Chairperson of our Parent Forum

Billy Kgomo

Secretary of our Parent Forum

Kefiloe Mametse

Finance and Fundraisers

Felicia Chauke
Dumisane Phiri
Mahlatsi Ndhlovu
Evelyn Mashakoe

Maintenance & Site Development

Winnie Masina
Nokwanele Mapipa
Solly Masuku
Mojalefa Radebe

Safety and security

Mpho Aubrey Mmutle
Sivuyisiwe Ndlodlwana
Letsholo Seefane
Mpho Mokoka

General matters

Keneilwe Masemene
Sabelo Ndlovu
Billy Kgomo
Keneilwe Masemene
Dikeledi Nyamane
Ottilia Mailula

Extra mural activities & Marketing

Lungile Jiyana
Thokozani (Zani) Ntuli

Wellbeing, Counselling, Communication

Penelope Chauke
Dawn Mthalane
Violet Nchabeleng


Matome Manokoana
Palesa Peta

What Parents Say

Annual General Meeting

AGM 2022 Minutes
AGM Report for 2021 as on 11 June 2022
AGM Report
for 21 April 2021
AGM Report
AGM Report

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